Buy DVLA UK driving licence

Buy DVLA UK driving licence

How to get a DVLA UK driving license in London

Taking your driving test is stressful. Buy DVLA UK driving licence, Before you even get in the car you have the worry of sitting in the waiting room to find out whether your examiner looks like they’ll be kind or not and then you have the panic of your eyesight failing when you’re asked to read a number plate.

If you make it to the end of the test there is a good chance you won’t have passed.

Nationally about 25 per cent of drivers pass first time, while some others need dozens of attempts.

Pass probability calculator Marmalade has worked out a decade of pass rate data from every test centre in greater London to list the places with the highest and lowest pass rates. Buy UK driving license

DVLA UK driving license

You can buy UK DVLA driving license without writing exams

Well, it seems that the in 2018/2019 the North dominated the top spots for best locations for first-time learner drivers.

Driving tests aren’t passed based on your geographical location – luckily.

But, with a higher demand for driving tests than we can ever (that we can remember), geography has quite a lot of say on how quickly you can take, and pass your test.

What are the busiest test centres in the UK?

Ok – so it doesn’t take a genius to guess where the busiest test centres may be…

Yes, London.

The English capital city may be home to the Queen and Corgis, but it’s also home to more people than any other UK city.

So, it’s expected to see London dominate the top spot, but which ones are the worst for number of tests taken?

#Test CentreCityNo of tests taken (18/19)
5Hither GreenLondon5881
6West DidsburyManchester5694
9Norris GreenLiverpool5246
10West WickhamLondon5015

*According to Go Compare’s analysis of busiest test centres[4]

So, whilst we don’t have any figures (yet) of where the busiest locations are in the UK this year, we think it would be safe to assume that one or two of these busy locations will feature on the list. Buy DVLA UK driving licence

What should I take with me on my first lesson?

For your first lesson you will need:

  • Your provisional licence
  • A positive, can-do attitude ☺

Six driving lesson tips

Starting your driving lessons is an exciting time, but to really make the most of them and maximise your value for money follow our six driving lesson tips.

  • Before you start
  • Wear the right footwear
  • Practice between lessons
  • Longer and more frequent lessons get you there faster
  • Mock tests are great!
  • Study for the theory test while you learn to drive

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