How can i get an Italian passport online

Buy Italian passport online

How can i get an Italian passport online

Buy Italian passport online, Italian passports are issued to Italian citizens for the purpose of international travel. Biometric passports have been available since 26 October 2006, are valid for 10, 5 or 3 years. Every Italian citizen is also a citizen of the European Union, Italy is quite an appealing country for foreign citizens seeking to relocate here, mainly due to the variety of routes to obtaining citizenship here.

There are several ways through which an Italian passport can be acquired, and the decision should be made based on the nationality of the applicant and the reason for immigrating to Italy. Below, our immigration lawyers in Italy present the main ways of obtaining citizenship in this country and a golden visa for Italy. No matter the selected path, our lawyers will help you apply for an Italian passport.

What are the main ways to obtain an Italian passport online

Foreign nationals who want to immigrate to Italy and obtain a passport, have the following options:
The main ways to obtain Italian citizenship are:
  1. by birth, if the child was born to Italian citizens;
  2. through ancestry, or Italian citizenship by blood if parents, grandfather or great-grandfather are Italians;
  3. through marriage, after two years of marriage in Italy or three years in another country
  4. apply for an Italian passport online.
If you plan on applying for an Italian passport, our lawyers are your disposition with various immigration services.

Italian passport online

Getting Italian Citizenship Online

One of the main reasons foreigners move to Italy is to obtain citizenship. Italy is one of the most appealing European countries to move to thanks to good employment possibilities coming to Europe for this purpose, but also because of the numerous investment opportunities this country offers.

No matter the reason why one decides to immigrate to Italy, citizenship can be acquired after a specific period of time. The only question most people ask remains ‘How long does it take to get Italian citizenship?’. The answer is that it depends on the chosen immigration route.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Italy explain how long it takes to obtain Italian citizenship based on the way one enters the country. We will first help you obtain a residence permit in Italy. Buy Italian passport online

Obtaining Italian Passport through residence

As a general rule, for non-EU citizens, legal residency in Italy for at least 10 years is required. By legal residency we refer to being listed as a resident in a town’s registry office (“anagrafe”). On the other hand, for EU-citizens, the period of residency required is 4 years. Residency is one of the most common ways of obtaining an Italian passport. The procedure is nearly the same for EU and non-EU citizens, as both categories of applicants need to reside in Italy for different periods before applying for citizenship.
Obtaining a residence permit is rather simple in Italy, as the authorities here provide for various visas for non-EU citizens who can relocate to this country for several reasons. The work permit is one of the most sought when it comes to foreign citizens outside the European Union.

With respect to the timeframe in which the Italian passport can be obtained, in the case of EU citizens, these must legally live in Italy for 4 years. In the case of non-EU citizens, the living period is set at 10 years. This process is also known as naturalization. Buy Italian passport online

No matter your country of residence, you can rely on our lawyers if you are interested in immigration to Italy with the purpose of obtaining citizenship.

Italian Citizenship Assistance Is Available Here

To complete the process of applying for Italian citizenship, you will need to obtain documentation to support your application, possibly translate those into Italian, and submit the complete package to the correct regional or local Italian Consulate Office. Navigating this process is much easier with a guide familiar with the path. Apply for Italian citizenship online

At the Italian American Citizenship Assistance Program, we will review your unique situation and consult with you on how to most effectively become a dual Italian American citizen. We can provide translation services, research portals, and help you identify the right Consulate to schedule an application review. With our wealth of experience helping individuals and families formally establish the dual citizenship to which they are entitled, the process can be an exciting way to learn about your ancestors and reconnect with your heritage.

The eligibility guidelines and process may seem daunting, but we at the Italian American Citizenship Assistance Program will show you how to determine if you are eligible and assist in the process at every step of the journey. The first step is our simple questionnaire to see if you are likely to qualify for Italian dual citizenship. Try it now or contact us for a free telephone consultation!

Advantages of Applying for Italian Citizenship

Some of the reasons that individuals and families choosing to pursue dual Italian American citizenship include:

  • The ability to purchase property in Italy and/or reside there indefinitely
  • The right to work and to some preference in hiring for jobs within the European Union
  • The ability to study, reside, or work not only in Italy but across the 27 EU countries without the need for a work or travel visa
  • Access to high quality medical care and public education which is a right of EU citizens
  • The right to vote in Italian elections and travel under an Italian passport
  • Tax-free import of vehicles and other high value items from the US to Italy as personal property
  • Reconnecting or establishing family and cultural ties associated with your Italian heritage

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  1. […] Our delivery of your residence permit documents extends to your home address if your leave in the EU. […]

  2. […] Our delivery of your residence permit documents extends to your home address if your leave in the EU. […]

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