Getting a COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

How can I apply for a COVID certificate?

We provide COVID-19 vaccine passes for persons who haven’t completed their vaccination process yet, but who wish to travel without being subject to Coronavirus-related restrictions. Getting a COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

Based on the aforementioned guidelines, the likelihood of a fully-vaccinated traveler posing a risk on arrival to the country is minimal.

However, in the context of vaccination certificates, it is necessary to examine the risks that have been repeatedly highlighted by the European and global communities

How can i get a Covid-19 vaccination Card

Buy Covid-19 digital certificate

The COVID digital certificate is available to everyone: it includes vaccination, testing and recovery from COVID-19,

  • it is free and available in all languages, and always in English,
  • it is available in digital and paper formats,
  • it is secure and contains a digitally signed QR code.

The COVID digital certificate of vaccination is a certificate issued by all EU countries, USA, UK and China

The purpose of the Covid-19 Digital Certificate is to facilitate free and safe movement within the country during the COVID-19 pandemi.

  • COVID-19 vaccination certificates are recognized as valid based on Measure No 21 on border control only if all of the following conditions (1.-5.) are fulfilled regardless of their issuing countries and regions from December 4, 2021.
  1. The following items must be listed either in Japanese or English.
    • (1) Name
    • (2) Date of birth
    • (3) Product name / Manufacturer of the Vaccines
    • (4) Date of vaccination
    • (5) The number of COVID-19 vaccine doses
  2. The COVID-19 vaccination certificate must be issued by an official body such as government of any of the countries/ regions.
    • (Note) For a COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued in Japan, the following certificates or records are valid.
    • Vaccination Certificate of COVID-19 issued by either the Government of Japan or a local public authority/municipality in Japan (The Vaccination Certificate of COVID-19 for overseas travel)
    • Certificate of Vaccination for COVID-19 issued by a local public authority/ municipality in Japan
    • Record of vaccination for COVID-19 issued by medical institutions in Japan
    • Other documents equivalent to the certificates and record listed above

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With our cards,  you can do the following:
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